The nutritional choices you make are the single most powerful way to change your health...

...and we are here to support that journey. Every detail has been considered, from the traceability of our ingredients & colours of our crockery to the comfort level of our seating. We understand that food is such a personal thing, and our mission was to cater for every preference from gluten-free-vegans to meat-lovers alike, there will be an option on our menu guaranteed to hit your nourishment needs for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

We are here for those of you that want to feel your absolute best. Understanding that food is key to your energy, physique, cognition, memory, sleep, mood, and overall health is the 1st step in being a better version of yourself than you are right now. We serve naturally nourishing food in stunning ways, without 9 of the inflammatory ingredients that are renowned for causing a whole host of symptoms that could be bringing you down every time you consume them - especially in the face of a stress.

Our gut lining becomes particularly susceptible when we are exposed to stress, and in the modern day working-world, stress is something that creeps into to almost everyones life. Research (and experience) points to a nutrient rich lifestyle that is free from inflammatory ingredients. 9 of the major culprits are; refined sugar, gluten, dairy, wheat, hydrogenated fats, artificial sweeteners, peanuts, genetically modified soy products and alcohol.

Our vision extends past the accepted definition of health food, and into creative combinations of the food that you love, with food that is good for you. After all, we never want you to feel deprived through lack of choice.
"I'd like our customers to experience innovative, delicious nutrition with style and sophistication. Every dish and ingredient on our menu has been specifically created, tailored and sourced for your enjoyment & your health."

- Katie McIntosh, Founder & Director
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