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All dishes are free from gluten, dairy, wheat & refined sugar.
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Breakfast & Brunch | Served All Day

Full English Breakfast £10.50

Poached eggs, bacon, locally sourced sausages, baked beans, roasted cherry tomatoes, lightly toasted gluten free toast. (gf)(df)

Eggs Benedict £8.95

Dairy free hollandaise, crispy bacon, served on lightly toasted gluten free bread (gf)(df)

Eggs Royale £9.50

Dairy free hollandaise, smoked salmon & sautéed spinach, served on lightly toasted gluten free bread (gf)(df)(co)

Vegetarian Breakfast £9.00

Avocado, sautéed spinach, roasted cherry tomatoes, sweet potato, beetroot hummus, garnish. (gf)(ve)(s)

Add poached eggs £1.50 

(v)Almond Butter Oats £6.50

Freshly prepared sprouted oats, nut milk, topped with berries and nut butter. (ve)(gf)(df)(n)

Bacon Sandwich £5.50

Crispy bacon on a lightly toasted gluten free roll, served with home-made tomato sauce (gf)(df)
Steak and Eggs £11.00

Rump steak, poached eggs, roasted cherry tomatoes, avocado oil. (gf)(df)

On Toast £7.00

Your choice of topping served on gluten free bread. (gf)(df)

- Poached Eggs (v)
- Avocado (ve)
- Beetroot Hummus (ve)(df)

Extras £1.50
Poached eggs (v) | Crispy Bacon
 | Avocado (ve) | Baked beans (ve) | Beetroot Hummus (df)(ve)(s)

Lunch | Served 12-6pm

Small Plates
Sweet potato & salmon fishcakes £6.50

Served with pickled salad, rocket & avocado oil dressing (gf)(df)

Beetroot Hummus £5.50

Served with homemade buckwheat flatbread (gf)(ve)(s)

Carrot & Cashew Pate £5.50

Served with homemade buckwheat flatbread (gf)(ve)(n)

Olive Oil & Balsamic £5.50

Served with homemade buckwheat flatbread (gf)(ve)
Large Plates
Rump Steak £14.00

Rump steak dressed with chimichurri, served with spicy sweet potato wedges. (gf)(df)

Honey Chicken £11.00

Baked chicken leg, served with carrot- butterbean velvet mash & seasonal vegetables (gf)(df)

Pan Seared Salmon £11.00

Basil, coriander & pine nut pesto, served with vibrant greens & pomegranate seeds (gf)(df)(n)

Superfood Salad £8.95

Pickled courgette, paprika roasted chickpeas, sweet potato, pomegranate, rocket, pine nuts with a lemon and maple dressing (ve)(gf)(n)

Butternut, Lentil & Ginger Salad £8.95

Roast butternut, spinach, puy lentils sautéed with ginger and chilli, rocket leaves, & beans. Avocado oil. (ve)(gf)

+ Salmon fillet £3.00
+ Avocado £1.50
+ Poached eggs £1.50

Something Sweet | Freshly Baked Daily

Lemon-BasilCheesecake £5.95

Vegan, Served with blueberry compote (gf)(df)(n)

Carrot Cinammon Bake £5.95

Drizzled in date syrup & served with coconut cream (gf)(df)(n)

Brownie with Coconut Cream £5.95

Served warm with coconut cream & date syrup (ve)(gf)(n)

Ice Cream £4.50

Dairy free ice cream topped with crushed nuts & date syrup (ve)(gf)(n)
Toasted Banana Bread £3.95
Gluten free, served warm with date syrup (ve)(gf)

Ask your server for our daily specials
(ve) - vegan, (v) - vegetarian, (s) - contains sesame, (n) - contains nuts. Our entire menu is gluten, dairy, soya, & refined sugar free. Menu items may contain or come into contact with Nuts, Sesame, Eggs, Fish, Sulphites, mustard and celeriac. For more information, please speak with a manager.

Drinks Menu

Hot Drinks

Choose from almond, cashew, coconut & oat milk.
Speciality Coffee

Espresso £2.20
Cortado £2.40
Americano £2.60
Flat White £2.90
Cappuccino £3.00
Latte £3.10
Mocha £3.30

Speciality & Caffeine Free

Turmeric Latte
Beetroot Latte
Hot Chocolate


English Breakfast

Earl Grey

Green Tea

Peppermint Tea

Summer Berry Tea

(Decaff available)


Hot Tonics

Fresh Mint
Honey and Lemon


Cold Drinks

Signature Smoothies

Avocado, spinach, apple, coconut milk (ve)


Fresh berries, cocoa powder, banana, coconut milk (ve)

Golden Milk

Banana, carrot, cinnamon, turmeric, oat milk (ve)


Strawberry, banana, oat milk (ve)


Cashew butter, banana, date, cashew milk (ve)(n)


Soft Drinks

Still water £1.50
Sparkling water £1.50
Coconut Water £2.50
Sparkling Presse £2.50

Super Blue Smoothie
Super Green Smoothie
Super Red Smoothie
Fresh Orange Juice
Fresh Apple Juice


Virgin Cocktails

English Garden

Elderflower, cucumber, apple, lime, agave nectar, seedlip

Passion Fruit Mojito

Passion fruit, mint, soda, agave nectar

Berry Inspired

Fresh berries, lemon juice, agave nectar, soda

Pink Potion

Raspberry, cucumber, lime, agave nectar, soda

Spring Promise

Basil, fresh lemon, agave nectar, soda water

Seedlip & Tonic

Botanical distillate, tonic & lime. 

All £5.95