Vitality Collection
Vitality Collection
Vitality Collection

Vitality Collection


The fastest way to optimise your overall health is through your nutrition.

Consider the amount of inflammatory foods your are eating each day (gluten, wheat, dairy, sugar, soy, trans fats, peanuts, alcohol, artificial sweeteners).

You now have the opportunity to remove these stressors instantly - without deprivation - with 3 Squared's Vitality. Enjoy incredible food, no restriction or calorie counting, spend time focusing on your demands whilst the following things happen:


  • Reduce brain fog
  • Improve physique
  • Restore gut function
  • Banish bloating
  • Improve cognition 
  • Receive monthly newsletter on health and nutrition advice
  • 1 x check in per month of nutrition expert
  • Eat food you love that’s great for your body, mind and soul.


Choose from:

1 x meal per day for 4 weeks - £180.00

2 x meals | 1 snack for 4 weeks - £350.00

3 x meals per day | 2 snacks | herbal tea with each meal | supplement recommendations | Primal Pattern Questionnaire | - £495.00


How to get started:

Arrange a consultation with our Vitality expert to talk through what your collection will include, arrange your start date, collection days, duration and number of meals.